– RSA Cambridge CELTA to teach English

Paris Derbe

Paris is a hard-working, conscientious, innovative and flexible EFL/ESL teacher. He possesses a degree in history and philosophy and the RSA Cambridge CELTA to teach English professionally.

His many teaching experiences include having taught in Middle East countries, Mexico, London (his home town) and online. Paris is dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge in young and adult learners. He possesses solid administrative skills with the ability to communicate effectively from beginner to advanced level students from business and academic backgrounds.

Paris specialises in teaching IELTS exam preparation, business and general English, grammar and pronunciation. His other strong skills include the ability to motivate and encourage people that work with him and more importantly to impart this to his students in the classroom. In both his studies and employment posts (ESL/EFL teaching & computing posts) he has had to get on with a wide range of people, to adapt effectively to different situations, and to work towards set goals. He is used to working in different time zones and with students from various countries. His high personal integrity enables him to relate to and create trust in all.