TEFOL certificate
Masters degree in Contemporary dance

Courses instructed by Nonie Catherine Bradley:

Nonie Catherine Bradley

Nonie was born and brought up in Northern Ireland, she completed her Masters degree in Contemporary dance in London and became a professional dancer and teacher for over 10 years. As it became necessary for her to experience a more sustainable way of living and to be closer connected to nature she decided to travel to the American continent as a Peace Observer in Indigenous communities.

Since settling in Costa Rica with her German partner and having a family of 2 children, she has been involved in teaching English as a second language to local children and adults. This has been largely in informal environments and through conversational practice.

On becoming a certified ESL teacher she has been teaching online for a Chinese school as well as preparing local high school students for their final English exams. She has written and illustrated a dual language book to raise environmental awareness and to encourage creative language learning in young adults.

She is a certified ESL teacher with a 120 hour TEFOL certificate, and she has been practicing NVC (Non violent communication) for over 10 years as a language art in helping develop healthier communication skills between people.