Certified by the TESOL teacher training: Second Language Acquisition (SLA) course

Crew Berggren

Certified by the TESOL teacher training (국적: 미국, 체류: 미국)
Crew speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German all fluently, Italian conversationally, and Russian very basically. He is certified by the TESOL teacher training: Second Language Acquisition (SLA) course. With Open [...]
- BA in Political Science
- International Studies
- Certificate in Teaching Methodology TESOL (A College of Teachers validated UK program)

Patricia Rena

BA in Political Science (국적: 미국, 체류: 스웨덴)
Patricia is an American living outside of Stockholm, Sweden. She has taught European and Asian ESL students for the past seven years. She has a BA in Political Science and [...]
- TEFL/TESOL certification

Matthew Dobeck

TEFL/TESOL certification (국적: 미국, 체류: 미국)
Matthew is an American with a BS in Information Technology and also holds TEFL/TESOL certification. He has been teaching English for many years and enjoys interacting and teaching remotely. As [...]
- Bachelor's degree in English Education

Jenny Jordan

BA in English Education (국적: 미국, 체류: 미국)
While working in the hotel/hospitality industry Jenny attended the University of Arizona where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Education. From there Jenny went to East Africa to teach [...]
TEFOL certificate
Masters degree in Contemporary dance

Courses instructed by Nonie Catherine Bradley:

Nonie Catherine Bradley

TEFOL certificate (국적: 영국, 체류: 코스타리카)
Nonie was born and brought up in Northern Ireland, she completed her Masters degree in Contemporary dance in London and became a professional dancer and teacher for over 10 years. [...]

Joe Jones

(국적: 영국, 체류: 에콰도르)
I’m a native English speaker from London, England and I’ve been teaching English for several years now. I have taught at schools and companies in several different countries throughout Europe and Central America. I have experience teaching all levels and ages in [...]
- Masters of Education

Judy Boucher (Time off)

Masters of Education (국적: 미국, 체류: 미국)
Judy Boucher is a certified Teacher, with a Masters of Education in the United States. She has been teaching grades k-12 all subjects for over 13 years and has a history of working with those who have special needs, to include ESL. [...]
Degree in Psychology

Dean Cuming (Time off)

Degree in Psychology (국적: 캐나다, 체류: 독일)
I enjoy engaging and motivating students to learn through focused practice of all four skills. I have worked with curricula designed by top publishers in ESL and have also created [...]