B.A. Cultural Studies

Courses instructed by Shamar Brown:

Shamar Brown

Shamar is an ESL teacher, entrepreneur, artist, and world traveler. Upon graduating from The Evergreen State College with at B.A. in Cultural Studies, she spent one year teaching ESL classes in South Korea followed by travels through Russia, China and Mongolia. Her teaching philosophy is, “Creativity is the key to knowledge”. She enters each class with humor and abundant energy as she believes that one’s greatest wealth is their time and biggest art, their life!

Her clear American accent and attentiveness to her students create high caliber ESL classes that enable students of all levels to achieve their English goals! Shamar offers classes in Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Idiomatic Expressions, Conversation, and individually tailored classes that meet specific requests! She welcomes you with a smile and looks forward to meeting you soon!