– BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies
– MFA’s both in Media Design and Creative Writing

Courses instructed by Renata Vallazza:

Renata Vallazza

Renata is an American with a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies and two MFA’s both in Media Design and Creative Writing, respectively.
While she currently resides in Florida, USA, she can be found in far away places, such as Argentina or the Dominican Republic among many other Latin American countries when she is on adventures.

Renata has taught Spanish and English concurrently for the past eight years at a variety of primary and secondary schools as well as online.
She believes that using a variety of methods to teaching helps her reach her students.
There is a realm of knowledge and learning tools found within the classroom and online.
She believes in being enthusiastic as a teacher because it helps reach students who are learning a foreign language, whether it is Spanish or English. Also, cases of real life experience have assisted students in learning about language and how to use it in real life experiences through travel and everyday experiences.
Renata is fully bilingual between English and Spanish, but also speaks some conversational Brasilian Portuguese.

Combined with her love of international travel and needs for speaking foreign languages, Renata is sure to give you a wonderful, well-rounded experience as a student.