Bachelor’s degree

Paris Derbe

Paris is a British teacher from London with 18 years experience teaching business and general English.

He is hardworking, conscientious, innovative and flexible. He possesses solid computer skills with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels. He genuinely cares about the progress of his students and ensures that they get value for money. That means preparing classes and grading their homework.
In addition, he always encourages and motivates his students to do better. His methodology revolves around the communicative approach. He only uses the target language in his classroom and he focuses on creating a student centered class where his students are doing most of the talking.
He likes to correct his students and he always gives them a list of the most common errors that he noticed in the classroom.
So for example, if he sees that they have a problem with -ed pronunciation he will explain to them that we have three different ways of pronouncing past simple regular verbs. He gives them examples and then gives them a worksheet to reinforce this. He begins his next class by reviewing what the student did in their last class.

His methodology uses lots of communicative activities such as open ended conversation practice, role plays, video and music gap fill activities, student presentations etc.
He firmly believes in developing the listening and speaking skills in his classes more than reading and writing which he invariably gives as homework tasks. He also likes and enjoys teaching grammar in his classes especially if a student asks for it.