-Bachelor’s degree in Geography
-Certification for teaching English as a second language (CTESL)

Courses instructed by Joseph Goertz:

Joseph Goertz

Bachelor’s degree in Geography
Joseph is excited to assist students in their study of English language. His enthusiasm and relaxed attitude encourages students to take risks and make mistakes. Through making mistakes, he is able to find what needs improvement and is able to see what [...]
- Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
- TEFL/TESL certificate

Courses instructed by John Brill:

John Brill

Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
John was born in Richmond, Virginia. U.S.A and currrently lives in Paraíba Brazil. He wrote, directed and produced Inglês Para Brasileiros (English for Brazilians) . He holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. USA and [...]

Joe Jones

English teacher
I’m a native English speaker from London, England and I’ve been teaching English for several years now. I have taught at schools and companies in several different countries throughout Europe and Central America. I have experience teaching all levels and ages in [...]
- Bachelor's degree in English Education

Courses instructed by Jenny Jordan:

Jenny Jordan

While working in the hotel/hospitality industry Jenny attended the University of Arizona where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Education. From there Jenny went to East Africa to teach English and train local (native) educators. She lived in and traveled through [...]

Courses instructed by April Turgutalp:

April Turgutalp

Private tutoring
I am very patient and will allow the student to try to correctly answer a problem without interrupting. I think today’s biggest challenge is when the teachers do not give enough credit to the students and become impatient with them. A student [...]
advanced TESOL certification
English for Business

Courses instructed by June Feldman:

June Feldman

Advanced TESOL certification
June is a well-traveled and experienced professional who brings fun into the classroom! Her BBA and over 20 years in corporate sales & marketing honed her presentation, creative, and communication skills. June was also a corporate trainer and consultant which began her [...]
Degree in Psychology

Courses instructed by Dean Cuming:

Dean Cuming

Degree in Psychology
I enjoy engaging and motivating students to learn through focused practice of all four skills. I have worked with curricula designed by top publishers in ESL and have also created a great deal of materials to augment structured courses and as stand-alone [...]
-Bachelor of Arts degree in English and German Literature
-TESOL certified

Courses instructed by Amy Louise Ahava:

Amy Louise Ahava

Bachelor of Arts degree in English and German Literature
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and German Literature and am TESOL certified. I have lived and taught in Austria and South Korea, and my travel experience extends [...]