Courses instructed by Lucas Hilty:

Lucas Hilty

Lucas is a CELTA-certified English teacher and curriculum editor. Having trained in linguistics at college and studied several languages, Lucas enjoys the challenge of helping others grow in their language ability. Although teaching meaning, form, and pronunciation is critical, Lucas strives to engage the learner in a natural experience of the new language. This means that, whenever possible, new words and concepts will be supported visually or using stories and other methods that the students already understand.
Lucas believes in presenting material in a natural way, focusing on the context of the lesson and the human or professional interest it inspires. Grammar, vocabulary, and reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills become tools with which to engage in the material, rather than an end in themselves. When learners will benefit from it, Lucas enjoys providing specific guidance on sound formation—helping students form the English /ɹ/, for instance. However, such instruction must be evaluated in light of the primary way that humans learn language: by exchanging messages about the things that are important to them. Thus, Lucas will attempt to keep direct discussion of grammar and pronunciation balanced with an engaging and personal tone.