-Bachelor’s degree in Geography
-Certification for teaching English as a second language (CTESL)

Courses instructed by Joseph Goertz:

Joseph Goertz

Joseph is excited to assist students in their study of English language. His enthusiasm and relaxed attitude encourages students to take risks and make mistakes.

Through making mistakes, he is able to find what needs improvement and is able to see what sorts of techniques he can use to help students advance their English. Joseph’s lessons are built around the students’ needs.

He finds that the best way for students to improve their English is by communicating with others.

Joseph, born and raised in Canada received his certification for teaching English as a second language (CTESL) at 18. After that, he spent one year teaching English in primary schools in Indonesia.

After his contract ended, he went back to Canada to get his Bachelor’s degree in Geography at the University of Manitoba. Soon after, Joseph began working in Hokkaido, Japan where he currently teaches English to high school students. He has been there for two years, and will be there for one more year before heading to New Zealand to obtain his Graduates Diploma in Education. Joseph has also hosted several private classes for adults interested in improving their English. This teacher is fun, easy-going, and effective!