– Master’s degree in European Studies
– ESL, IELTS, Business English

Courses instructed by James Pellow:

James Pellow

Along with a Master’s degree in European Studies from the London School of Economics, Jim has an extensive background in sales and business as well as engineering large business intranet systems. He also had a successful side career in motivating and coaching business people looking to achieve their goals in life.

A native English speaker from New York, Jim currently lives in Medellin, Colombia. Jim decided to lead a life of adventure and teaching nine years ago and has taught ESL, IELTS, Business English as well as college prep course in IT, Business and Economics.

Jim has lived in eleven different countries and learned to varying degrees five foreign languages. He has been teaching exclusively online for a few years now, but before that taught in schools in mainland China, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. He believes that learning a language should be fun and for a purpose. He believes that most ESL students have studied English for years in school because they needed to, yet are generally lacking in producing language, understanding important cultural differences, and being able to believe that their English is a tool that will help them achieve their goals. He is committed to helping students break through these barriers.

Most learners of English are in need of production, rather than grammar. Hence, my classes are very geared with that in mind. There is perhaps one implicit or explicit goal of improving one or two bottlenecks in pronunciation and/or grammar. Having fun and a high level of energy are the foundation of the classes.