Master’s degrees in the fields of public policy and management

Courses instructed by Brian Ulrich:

Brian Ulrich

Brian has been teaching English in the United States, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Switzerland for the last twenty years. He currently resides in the United States. He has taught students of all ages, levels and cultural backgrounds.

In addition to his native language of English, he also speaks and is able to teach French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Brian has extensive training in the field of language teaching and education and holds other Master’s degrees in the fields of public policy and management.

Brian focuses on assessing the needs and interests of each student. Then he designs and leads classes that are interesting, focused and fun so that students want to learn more on their own and with Brian.

Next, he tries to provide ideas for further/independent study and he gives homework to allow students to practice and internalize what has been covered. Brian has prepared students for standardized tests of all sorts. He has worked with business leaders, scientists, diplomats, students, and people in many other professions as well. With extensive training and experience in the field, Brian does his very best to tailor classes based on each student’s specific needs and interests.

He is looking forward to working with you!